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Home Patient Caregiver Service

Home Caregiving Services for Your Loved Ones

Providing care for family members at home during times of illness and old age is of great importance for both their comfort and peace of mind. At Bitedavi, we offer "Home Caregiving Services," supporting families through these challenging times with professional assistance. But what is "Home Caregiving Service," and what advantages do we offer as Bitedavi?

What is Home Caregiving Service?

Home caregiving service is a service where the patient is cared for in their own home, away from the stress of the hospital environment, yet their medical needs are met in a professional manner. Home caregiving service includes the daily care of individuals with various health issues, medication management, nutritional planning, and medical check-ups.

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Home Patient Caregiver Service Content

Patient Caregiver Companion

Patient caregiver companion services aim to maximize the comfort and security of the patient by providing the support and care needed at the patient's home. The caregiver companion services we offer at Bitedavi include:

24-Hour Patient Caregiver Companion

Our caregivers are present continuously for 24 hours a day, attending to all the patient's needs such as medication monitoring, nutrition management, toileting needs, and personal care. This service provides professional support at every moment for the patient.

12-Hour Patient Caregiver Accompaniment

The 12-hour patient caregiver accompaniment service provides a caregiver to be with the patient at certain times of the day. During this time, the caregiver will assist with all the patient's needs and ensure they feel safe.

Personal Care Services

Personal care services aim to improve quality of life by meeting the patient's basic hygiene and personal care needs. The personal care services we provide at Bitedavi include:

Patient and Elderly Bathing

Patient and elderly bathing is done hygienically while giving special attention to the comfort and safety of the patient. Our experienced staff performs this procedure professionally.

General Body Cleaning and Care

General body cleaning and care require a careful approach to the patient's body cleanliness and medical needs. Our patient caregivers are experts in this field and prioritize the comfort of the patient.

Major Dressing / Bed Sore Care

Major dressing and bed sore care are specialized services for patients requiring medical dressings. This sensitive procedure is carried out professionally and with great care.

At Bitedavi, we aim to maximize the health and quality of life for patients under our "Home Caregiving Services". Our experienced and certified team offers personalized solutions tailored to the needs of patients and their families, ensuring a safe care environment.

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The Advantages of In-Home Patient Caregiver Services Provided by Bitedavi

At Bitedavi, we offer Home Patient Caregiver Services that allow families to entrust the care of their loved ones to reliable hands. The advantages of our services include:

Professional and Certified Team: We provide Home Patient Caregiver Services with a team of specialized, experienced, and certified healthcare professionals.

Personalized Care Plan: We offer a detailed home care plan tailored to the patient’s condition, needs, and the doctor's recommendations.

24/7 Support: Our Home Patient Caregiver Services include round-the-clock support and consultancy for emergencies.

Trust and Transparency: We maintain regular Contact with families throughout the care process, keeping them informed about the patient’s overall condition.

Who Should Receive Home Patient Caregiver Services?

Home Patient Caregiver Services can be highly beneficial for those experiencing old age, temporary or permanent mobility restrictions, chronic diseases, or the postoperative period. With Home Patient Caregiver Services, the aim is for the patient to undergo the healing process in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by family, thus maintaining high morale and motivation.

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As Bitedavi, we provide all the necessary support for the recovery of your loved ones with our professional and people-centered approach through our in-home patient care services. We are always by your side for your health needs, in the comfort and peace of your own home, where you feel safe and at ease..

Frequently Asked Questions

Home care service is the monitoring of health, medication management, and meeting daily care needs by professional healthcare personnel at the patient's own home.

The cost of the service varies depending on the patient's needs and the duration of the requested service. For detailed pricing information, you will need to download our mobile app.

All our caregivers are certified and experienced professionals. Their past references, certifications, and trainings have been verified.

Families take an active role in the creation of the care plan, receive regular updates, and are kept informed continuously through Contact channels.
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