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Discover the Difference of Home Nurse Services with Bitedavi

Health is the most important part of our lives, and sometimes during our hardest times, we wish to recover in our own home, away from the stress of the hospital environment. At this point, we at Bitedavi are by your side with our Home Nurse Service. But what exactly is our Home Nurse Service and how does it benefit you?

The Importance of Home Nurse Services

Home Nurse Services are especially convenient for the elderly, bedridden, or those with chronic illnesses. Bitedavi's expert staff is trained and experienced in providing hospital-quality care in the comfort of patients’ homes. Our nurses implement the treatment plan recommended by your doctor while also meeting basic needs such as daily care, medication monitoring, and wound care.

Home Nurse Service

Home Nurse Service Content

In-Home Nurse Services provide a personalized and professional approach to your healthcare needs. At Bitedavi, we take pride in offering general nursing services to maximize the comfort and recovery of our patients. Here are some of the general nursing services we offer:

Serum Treatment

We offer IV therapy for patients in need of medication or fluid treatment. We ensure the correct and safe administration of IVs.

Vascular Access Insertion and Removal

The process of inserting and removing a vascular access is safely carried out by our professional nurses.

Home Injection Administration

For situations where medication needs to be administered via injection, our experienced nurses perform the injections at your home.

Vital Signs Monitoring

Regular measurement and recording of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and body temperature are important for monitoring your health condition.

Laboratory - Blood Drawing

We perform the blood sample collection for laboratory tests at your home. This facilitates faster access to laboratory results for patients.

Nasogastric Tube Care

Nasogastric tube application and maintenance are carried out by our professional nurses for patients in need.

Wound Care and Minor Dressing

Wound care and minor dressing procedures are meticulously performed by Bitedavi nurses to reduce the risk of infection.

PEG Care

Our expert nurses are at your service for the maintenance and management of gastrostomy feeding tubes.

Colostomy Bag Care

Colostomy bag care is provided for patients in need following colostomy surgery.

Tracheostomy Tube Care

Tracheostomy tube care is performed by our expert nurses to ensure that patients with respiratory problems can breathe comfortably.

Nurse accompaniment, to cope with your health problems and in situations that require more care and supervision It is an important service. As Bitedavi, we provide our patients with 12-hour Nurse Accompaniment service at any time of the day. We offer expert nurse support around the clock. This service includes comprehensive health monitoring, medication management, vital It includes monitoring symptoms and regular assessment of general health status. Need for your health We are here to provide the expert support and companionship you need.

Nurse Accompaniment 24 Hours

Health problems may sometimes require 24-hour uninterrupted care and supervision. As Bitedavim, Nurse With our Companion 24 Hours service, we ensure that our patients receive full-time health support and care. Expert Our nurses are constantly present at your patient's home to manage their medical needs, manage medications, and monitors vital signs. This service provides great assurance and relief to the patient and his family. your health We are here to protect and help you heal, we are with you at all times.

These home nurse services ensure that patients are treated comfortably and maintain their health at home. designed to provide protection. As Bitedavi, we offer a special solution to your health problems and We are here to provide the best care for you. Creating a personalized care plan for you and having a nurse at home Contact us to benefit from our services. Your health is our priority.

How Bitedavi Works

Bitedavi's at-Home Nurse Service operates within a care plan that is customized to your health condition and personal needs. Our professional nursing team evaluates your health status during their first visit, determines the necessary medical treatment, and creates a plan on how they can assist you in your home environment.

Home nurse service

Why Bitedavi?

At Bitedavi, while providing nursing services at home, we aim not only to fight diseases but also to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Expert and Reliable Staff: We are at your service with our staff consisting of experienced and reliable nurses who are experts in their fields.

Personalized Care: Customized, individual care plans based on the needs and health conditions of each patient.

24/7 Support: Whenever your health needs arise, we at Bitedavi are here for you. You can make appointments 24/7 through our application.

Patient Satisfaction: Patient satisfaction is our priority. We value the feedback from our patients and their families and continuously improve our services.

Home Nurse Service offers a solution that makes your life easier when facing health challenges. At Bitedavi, we are committed to providing you with the best home care services during these difficult times. Recover your health at home, safely, comfortably, and most importantly, in your own home. Bitedavi is always there for you for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as Bitedavi, we offer professional Home Nurse Services.

Serum therapy, IV line placement, replacement, checking vital signs, blood draws, wound care and more The entire amount is deducted.

Depending on your needs and situation, services will usually arrive shortly after your request.

Yes, you need to make an appointment in advance to benefit from our services. Appointments can be made 24/7 through our app.
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